Our Sectors


First Class Craftsmanship

One of our proudest achievements is creating bespoke products for the Automotive Industry. Our Automotive frames and parts set new standards for beauty and precision. The quality of every finished product is ever-present in our minds while we work on these projects.

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Laying the Best Foundations

Construction is one of our leading sectors, taking us back to our routes when we first designed the Mace Industries Bumpa tile hoist over 20 years ago. Our bespoke services ensure the most reliable and durable products go into the sector on a global basis.

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From Defense to Education

We’re proud to say our business serves government in many different sectors. Whether it’s engine and frame components for military vehicles or steel framework for schools and colleges, we have lots of experience in multiple fields.

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Working with Global Operations

Logistics is a key area for Mace Laser and Fabrication services and it’s one we’re especially good at. Whether it’s manufacturing engine components for logistical operations or in factory storage solutions, we’re a big cog in a global network.

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