Our Services

Laser Cutting

A flexible service

Take advantage of our 4kw fiber laser with an enormous 6m interchangeable bed! Along with our ability to cut a wide variety of different materials in any batch size, from one-offs to large volume runs, our fibre laser is only limited by the drawings you provide! If you require help with drawings, please see our Design Services.

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Expert Crafting

Our highly skilled team of EN1090 coded welders can handle anything from mild and stainless steel, all the way through to aluminium. We are currently running MIG (GMAW) including pulse capabilities, TIG (GTAW) and Spot welders.

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Durability Defined

The Mace fabrication team offer a wide range of services and are focused on making sure every part is built to spec and built to last.

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Precision Bending

Accurate. Diligent.

Our Press Brakes, along with a wide array of tooling allow us to bend metal to your specifications to within a quarter of a degree. This allows for some very precise builds to be undertaken. Each bend is checked until perfection is attained.

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CAD Enabled Precision

We use the latest CAD software (Auto desk – inventor) to design and simulate future products along with improving existing ones. From simple flanges to intricate machinery, no job is too big or complex. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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Stock Holding

Your Projects, Secured

Not only do we offer fabrication services, but we also stock the materials you need in-house for current or upcoming projects!

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