Laser Cutting

A flexible service

Take advantage of our 4kw fiber laser with an enormous 6m interchangeable bed! Along with our ability to cut a wide variety of different materials in any batch size, from one-offs to large volume runs, our fibre laser is only limited by the drawings you provide! If you require help with drawings, please see our Design Services.

Our Cutting Capabilities

  • MS

    Mild Steel

    Up to 18 mm

  • Max Sheet Size

    6000⁠ – ⁠1500 mm

  • A


    Up to 15 mm

  • TP

    Tread Plate

    Up to 10 mm

  • SS

    Stainless Steel

    Up to 15 mm

  • BC

    Brass / Copper

    Up to 8 mm

Right at the Edge

Unmatched Precision

Laser cutting provides a level of precision that standard cutting methods are unable to achieve. This is why laser cutting is used in sectors such as aerospace and construction which rely on precise measurements to ensure people’s safety.